The temperatures are soaring and your style should too. Breezy short-sleeved shirts in comfortable fabrics and eye-catching prints must be your go-to clothing pick this season, and we can help you put together a few styles that will take your look from standard to outstanding!

Designed from a 60s Poplin fabric, this floral style is a spring trend that’s been taking the fashion world by storm. Pair it with bottoms in solid colours to dial things down, if required.

For a more subtle, understated take on the fashionable florals, go easy on the bloom with these light blue and light yellow shambre print shirts that will still make the right impact.

You may think grey isn’t a colour of the season, but it’s a brilliant way to stand out from the mundane. The seemingly gloomy hue in these shambre print shirts adds a touch of unpretentious earthiness to your outfit.

A splash of blue is the ideal counter to the red hot heat, and if it’s paired with flowers, you have a breezy garden right there! Raise some eyebrows by donning this shambre print shirt with a smart blazer.