Comfy, classy and essential, the polo shirt is defined by its two buttons and a collar. But that’s not all this wardrobe staple has to offer. Sitting primly between a t-shirt (with its short sleeves) and a shirt (with its collar), the classic polo is no longer just a sporty piece of clothing. The versatile item has found its place in formal and informal scenarios due to its classic appeal

The timeless white shirt gets a twist with a bright coloured band across its front. Step away from the clichéd look with this unconventional style that is great for informal dressing. Pair them with denim bottoms to nail the casual look.

Tucked or untucked, solid coloured polo’s are the primal definition of smart casual. Ensure that the shirt is well fitted and not too long to keep your look clean and smart.

Cleverly blend striped and solid with this complementary combination of blue, black and white. Cut a gentlemanly figure by coupling this with a pair of white of beige chinos below.