Inherently the most casual piece of clothing, shorts have made their way into certain formal scenarios as well. But don’t be fooled by the comfort quotient; the fit and the look need to be right for your outfit to look complete. We’ve put together some easy pairings for you to wear this season.

Go bold with a printed pairing of a t-shirt and shorts for lunch with your buddies, or even lounging on a beach. A dark blue graphic t-shirt with an off-white pair of printed shorts gives off a mellow vibe, whereas a colourful floral t-shirt with inky blue bird-print shorts lends a more fun appeal. Make sure you balance the look with light and dark hues to make it easy on the eyes.

For something that’s a little simpler, mix pattern with plain. A soft yellow patterned short sleeved shirt with simple light blue drawstring shorts is apt as a pastel look. On the other hand, a white color-blocked collared polo with dusky indigo shorts will make you stand out in a crowd.

So no matter what your style, take your pick to go ‘shorty’!