Outfit Ideas For An Idllic Beach Vacation

It’s the season to savour the sun and everyone you know is heading straight for their preferred holiday destinations where they can bask in the balminess by the sea. Men’s beachwear is setting blazing trends around the world, and we’ve put together a few looks for you to go from the global runway, straight to the beach.

A sky blue tropical shirt with white floral print, when paired with army green eagle-print shorts, is a great clothing combination. Monochrome flip-flops with the logo print will help your comfortably strut through the sand.

Blend in with the natural beauty of the sand and the sea with this seasonal combination of colours. The off beat shirt with the print of frothy waves effortlessly complements the sandy-brown relaxed shorts. All you need now is a dashing pair of sunglasses and white espadrilles to make an easy-breezy statement.

So whether it’s a quiet beach in a tiny village, a beach thronged with party animals or even a romantic beach with crystal blue waters, consider yourself packed and raring to go.