5 Pairs Of Jeans We Cant Live Without

Denims hit the fashion world by storm sometime in the 18th century, and it’s a fad that’s refused to die down ever since. With jeans being one of its most versatile and comfortable uses, we bring you our stylish pairs that are perfect for daily use, and durable and comfortable in all kinds of weather.

We can’t get enough of this inky blue pair, which couples smartly with shirts as well as t-shirts, and almost any kind of footwear.

We found the perfect shade of blue, that’s not too light or dark, and is perfect if you’re going for a semi-formal look.

This azure-hued pair with a whitewashed look is understated, but works wonderfully for that busy day when you need both comfort and style.

A bold black pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple. It’s a piece of clothing that smoothly progresses from morning to evening, while keeping you on top of your style game.

For the more casual days out, an off-white pair of jeans with a drawstring waist and gathered ankle seams will give you a sleek look; a perfect match for that suave personality!