No one does casual and laidback like Salman Khan, and his everyday look is the one we love to decode. After some careful scrutiny, we help you replicate his trendy look, with of course, your own personal flair.

Whereas Khan goes light and earthy in his colour palette, with white-washed blue jeans and a simple yet tasteful white and grey logo polo t-shirt.

You can perfect this look with a similar polo t-shirt in black and white, and pair it with dark blue distressed skinny fit jeans.

Bring the colours down a notch with the classic black and white combination – a plain white collared t-shirt with a number and sleeve print will couple well with denim as black as coal.

To match your upbeat personality, you can also opt for sunny hues for an outfit that’s a little livelier. Put together a striking yellow collared t-shirt with a pair of white acid-washed jogs for a suave look.

All you need now is to strap on that devil-may-care attitude and you’re good to go!