Comfort clothes aren’t always considered the most fashionable, but what if we told you that you could combine comfort with style, and still look trendy? Our range of summer t-shirts can make you look sharp and swanky without a suit and tie.

Abstract patterns in bold red and murky blue with a graphic print patch on the front will make you look fun, quirky and original. If you’re a spontaneous dresser who prefers to match his clothes to his mood, then this is the perfect pick for you.

For something a little brighter, we suggest this fresh summery print in green and blue on a plain black tee with a yellow script on the front. Just because you dress casual doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement!

It’s the more mature colour to go for, but grey won’t necessarily tone down your style quotient. When paired with black, white or cool blue bottoms, these graphic t-shirts will speak for themselves. If you’re still not convinced, add another layer with a vividly coloured sweater, jacket or a blazer.